Scholarships for Students 2023 | 10th & 12th Passed List of Scholarship

Scholarships for Students 2023-2023: The Word “Scholarship” is very much common yet difficult to understand. The first question that arises when you hear the word, is How to apply for the same? There are millions of children who are capable enough to get a scholarship in India, but they don’t. Free Scholarship Search! Search from nearly 4 million scholarships, along with other financial aid, including grants. 2023 Fully Funded International Scholarships for international students to study for free in international Universities are now open.

What can be the most possible reasons for this? Each step towards getting the scholarship is important, rejection of any scholarship application forms comprises the reasons which are avoidable yet too common. It can be simply not looking for the eligibility criteria, failing to provide all the required details, the discrepancy in any fields due to all these reasons, and many more, students who have the caliber get the screen out at the very first step of the selection process for the scholarship.

The prerequisite of standing a chance for winning a scholarship is to correctly fill the application form in the first place. Every aspirant should know how to apply for the scholarships and what all are the primary requirement for doing the same.

Let’s just straight ponder on to the article, which will provide you with a brief understanding of the scholarships, how can one apply, primary requirements, portals which have been used for the scholarships such as the National Scholarship portal often abbreviated as (NSP), Government’s scholarship, OASIS scholarship portal, and many more things.


University wise Scholarship


Important points to be remember before Apply online Scholarship

It is totally understandable that the procedure of scholarships will differ from scholarship to scholarship, but there are some basic key points that one should keep in mind while filling any scholarship forms. There are two types of procedures for filling scholarships forms:

•Online Mode

•Offline Mode

Knowing every bit of it: 

It is considerable, that prior to filling any scholarship form you should know every minute detail of the same, for example, check out the respective scholarship website, what all documents do you need? Gather as much information as possible and make a list of important details.

Check out the guidelines (if given)

There are some scholarships that provide the proper set of guidelines for the aspirants for filling the application, which may include doing’s and don’ts which indeed, ease the application process, and the chances of getting errors become less.

One Should properly and carefully go through the 

set of guidelines if provided by the scholarships.

Keep all documents in hand:

Most of the scholarships require documents that will verify all your personal and academic information that will include your educational qualification. These documents act as a prerequisite in applying for the scholarship. Let’s consider some of the examples but not limited :

  • •Marksheet of class 10th and 12th
  • •Identity proof
  • •Caste certificate
  • •Admission letter
  • •Passport size photograph
  • •Two or more letter of recommendation
  • •Other academic certificates

NOTE: It is preferable to keep all the scanned documents in the first place to avoid any type of chaos in case of the online procedure while in the offline mode, it is advisable to keep all the photocopies of the document.

Check out on the deadlines: 

All the scholarships come with their own deadlines, each scholarship guidelines differ from each other but aspirants should keep in mind that to avoid the last-minute rush and chaos one should always keep an eye on deadlines and it is advisable to fill the form as soon as possible and it is preferred to give yourself enough time to fill it.

Filling of Scholarship Form:

After gathering all the information required, you can start with the process, the first step in the journey of getting a scholarship is to fill the application form. This is the most crucial step in the process, any kind of discrepancy can cause a rejection anytime. Hence, it is advisable to avoid any “easy mistakes” and be more vigilant while filling the form and try to avoid any kind of overwriting or over typing.

Check, Recheck and Proofread:

Are you done with all the details and filled the form? If yes, then this is the time to check, recheck and again recheck the form, it is possible that you might have done some errors which can cause a big hurdle in the near future and which lead to hampering of getting a scholarship you have a dream of. To avoid this, the only key point you should remember is to proofread before final submission.

Just paying attention and following the steps mentioned above can help you in clearing the first hurdle in your path, and will help you in reaching the next step for achieving your dream scholarship. 

Scholarship form- it’s ingredients

It doesn’t matter whether you’re applying for scholarships via online or offline mode, there are some basic details that you need to keep in mind while applying for the scholarship. Like exactly, what does a scholarship form contain? What are the key points you should remember? What are the basic details you should look for? Let’s just straight away ponder on some of the keys details to get answers for all the questions.

Personal details- “Knowing about you”

This quadrant will cover all your personal details such as name, email id, contact details, father’s name, mother’s name, address. Also, in some of the cases mostly in government scholarships, they will ask about the bank details such as the name of the bank, IFSC code, account number as this will ease the work, the amount of the scholarship will be easily transferred to your bank. Making the process even simpler.

Educational qualifications and documents required for Scholarships:

As we all know, scholarships differ from each other in their own ingredients. This quadrant will cover all the necessary educational information that is required for the specific scholarship. Aspirants need to prove their educational qualifications as well as the educational background that will include mark sheets of class 10th and 12th, graduation and post-graduation, year of passing as per the scholarship requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to keep all the educational required documents for example mark sheets and academic transits intact.

Family Income details Required for Scholarship:

This quadrant is not necessarily asked in scholarship but it depends on the scholarship for example if it is a need-based scholarship, financial aid scholarships, basically, this section is for those who are looking for scholarship because of the instability of their finances and annual income as it is basically disbursed based on the financial need. In this, you have to provide the total since of the family and the income statement including the income of both the parents ( if working) Also, you have to provide a proper verifiable document in order to support your argument issued by the competent authority.

Uploading Documents for the Scholarship:

When you’re done with basic steps, the next most important thing is to keep all the documents in hand so that there will be no chaos afterward. Keep all your documents, and scanned copies of your documents with you so that there will be no last-minute hassle or rush while applying.

Scholarship Form: Applying via online mode

With a proper blend of technology nowadays, aspirants can easily fill up the scholarship form via online mode. This also varies depending upon the scholarships but most of them you can fill online. Steps can vary depending on the scholarships, but the initial stages of applying are quite similar. The basic online application form of scholarship requires:

•Scholarship Registration

•Student Login

•Updating the Details

•Documents upload

•Final submission

In this quadrant, we have tried our best to cover all the steps or a proper guide on how to apply for a scholarship “A step-by-step”.

There are a few famous government scholarships portals, where one can easily fill up the form. Some of them are

National Scholarship Portal

Uttar Pradesh Scholarship portal

•OASIS scholarship and the number are not restricted to this.

Applying through the National Scholarship Portal- Scholarship form

Introduced by The government of India- National scholarship portal, which is a one-stop destination for all the competitors. It was formulated in order to provide scholarships to the students who have shown their caliber in different fields and also for those who are in need of getting one. The portal lists number of scholarships that are offered by different departments of the government which include the ministry of minority affairs, ministry of tribal affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of labor and employment, etc. The number isn’t limited to this only whereas it also includes scholarships which are granted by the state and Center respectively.

The question that arises now is, How can you apply for scholarships through the National Scholarship portal? Let’s just have a look at this answer given below:

We will take a look at each step. The first step in the process is: We will take a look at each step. The first step in the process is:

Step 1: Registration via National Scholarship portal

•Firstly, Aspirants Have to visit the homepage and check all the details and guidelines written there. From there only you can register yourself for scholarships.

•Tap on “New Registration”

•A new page will open, showing “the guidelines for registration on NSP”

•Properly go through the guidelines don’t just skim, read each and every word

•Click on the button which says “Continue” 

•You are required to fill in all the necessary information and details

•Click on the button which says “Register”

•You will be receiving a Student application ID and password on the number you have given in the details.

Step 2: Logging in for the Scholarship Form

•Click on the “login” button to start the application process

•After clicking, you have to enter the registration application ID and password which was received on your registered phone number.

Step 3: A mandatory step “changing of the password”

•After you have successfully logged in, you will receive an OTP on your registered number 

•You have to verify the OTP

•As per the guidelines, you have to change your password. 

•Change the password and continue.

Step 4: Entering into the dashboard, completing the application

•Once you have changed the password, you will be directed to the applicant’s dashboard page.

•Go the click on the “Application form” button, kick start the application filling process

•Fill in all the necessary details such as academic, personal, etc.

•Click on the ” Save and continue” button for the smooth ongoing process

•Add the necessary details, contact details, the scheme details and upload all the required documents( Scanned ones)

•There will be a button called “Save as Draft”, click on that to check and recheck

•After the final round of checking, click on the ” Final Submit” button.

Please make sure that you have checked, rechecked, and proofread the form as many times as you can, because once submitted you can’t edit it again.No change of edition will be entertained after the final submission takes place.

Applying through Uttar Pradesh Scholarship portal- Application Form

As we have seen, the government of India has its own platform for scholarships,  the State and Centre government provides ample opportunities for the students to outshine. The Uttar Pradesh government has its own state-funded scholarship. The catch here is that having a separate portal for the state-funded scholars is that applications of Uttar Pradesh can enroll in that for the application as well as for the selection process, How to apply for the scholarship via the up portal? Let’s just straight away ponder on the steps for doing the same.

Steps: Registration for scholarship application via Uttar Pradesh scholarship portal

•Visit the Uttar Pradesh government’s official page for the scholarship and financial need grants such as fee reimbursement.

•Click on the “student section” on the dashboard and select the option called “New Registration”

•As there will be multiple scholarships options, you have to choose the best that will suit you or the scholarship for which you want to apply

•Then fill in all the mandatory details which will be therefore b marked with * this.

•After successfully filling in the details, click on “Submit” to register 

•Registration slip will be received, you can take a print of that for the future references

Step2: Logging for Scholarship- “Student Login”

•After the successful registration, there will be two options given once you will select the student section I.e “Fresh login” and “Renewal login”, the former is for the new applicants and the latter for renewal applicants according to which scholarship you are applying for.

•You have to log in via your registration number, password, and date of birth

•After the successful logging, you will be directed to a page that will contain all the important things regarding the scholarship

•Read each word carefully, tick on the box given at the end of the page.

•Click on the ” Proceed” button

Step:3- Filling out the scholarship application form

•Once you will click on the “proceed” button, you will be directed to the user’s dashboard,  Click on the ‘Fill the application” form

•Properly read the questions asked, film the form accordingly 

•After filling the form, click on the “submit” button

Step:4 Documents uploading for the scholarship

After successfully filling the form, you need to upload your supporting documents which will include your photograph, educational background certification, academic certificate depending upon the scholarship demand.

Step:5 Rechecking 

Before the final submission, it is advisable to recheck and proofread all the information as much as the time they can, to avoid any errors because once submitted, you will not be able to change or edit anything.

Step:6 Taking a printout for the final submission

Once you’ve successfully submitted the form, it is advisable to take the printout of the same because you have to submit the scholarship form along with all the other documents which are mandatory to present before the respective educational institutions.

Note: It is advisable to take out 3-4 photocopies to have a safe side in the End.

Steps: Registration for scholarships via SJE portal

The other very renowned scholarship is the SJE scholarship which is given to the applicants of students having domicile of Rajasthan state. It is one state-funded scholarship offered by the state government’s Social justice and empowerment department. For getting this scholarship you need to clear the basic eligibility criteria then only you can fill up the application and can start the process.

Eligibility Criteria: Students belonging to a certain category like SC, ST, OBC, DNT, etc are only applicable if you belong to the category above mentioned then only you can apply for the scholarship. 

Step:1 Registering via SJE portal

•The first thing is to visit the official page of the scholarship website

•Then there will be a button called ” New scholarship portal”, click on that

•after that, click on “Sign in” for the further process

•You will direct to the page called Rajasthan single sign page, then you have to click on the “citizen” tab. This is because this scholarship is for students who are having domicile of Rajasthan 

•For the registration option, you will be given some options from where you wanna register yourself from such as Facebook/google/aadhar, etc.

•After selecting the option, start with the registering process.

•Then after clicking on the option, you have to create your own SSOID password and register yourself

Step:2 Logging into SJE portal

•Visit the page of Rajasthan single sign-on,  write down the password and SSOID id to login in.

Step:3 Applying for the Scholarship

•After you have logged in by writing down the ID and password, the next step is to update your profile, you have to write all the information and details that are necessary for a scholarship application.

•After successfully updating the information, you will be directed to the user dashboard which will have tomes of options to select from. 

•As there are different types of scholarships, you have to choose one out of them.

•After the further steps, in the end, a dialogue box will appear on the page asking how do you wanna register yourself? Click on the student option.

•After that proceed with the scholarship form by filling in all the necessary information and details that are mandatory.

•You need to upload all the supporting documents.

•At the end, finally submit the application by clicking on the “Final” button.

Point to remember:

Please make sure that the information you have uploaded is correct to avoid any hassle, and also make sure you have updated your Bhamashah ID as it is mandatory for applying for the application otherwise, your application would get rejected.

Steps: Registrations via the OASIS portal for scholarships.

In the above quadrant, we learned about the Rajasthan state-funded scholarship, let us learn about the scholarship offered by the West Bengal government to the students who are having the domicile of West Bengal. The portal comprises the scholarships belonging to a certain category. . Therefore, creating a one-stop platform for the students who cleared the eligibility criteria.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Students who belong to a certain category can apply which means if you belong OBC, SC, ST Category then only you become eligible for applying as well as for the further process.

Some of the questions that may arise are:

• What does the OASIS form contain?

•How to apply for the scholarship?

•Who can apply for this scholarship?

Let’s just straight ponder on the answers to the above questions.

Step 1: Registering for the scholarship via the OASIS portal.

•Visit the official website and look on to OASIS portal for more information

•Go to students corner, click on the “Student Registration”, you have to select the education institution and the district in which it is situated

•After filling in the above information, it will direct you to the caste page where you need to submit your caste category in support of your argument.

•Once you have submitted all the information and verification of the caste certificate has been done after that you will be directed to the registration page and then you have to fill all the mandatory fields.

Step:2 OASIS login for the scholarship form

•After successfully registering yourself through the portal, You can download your applicant ID and number through the “Download login acknowledgment slip” button for the future references

•After logging in, through the login button you have to fill in all information that is mandatory and necessary

•Also, you have to fill in all the bank details carefully and click on the “Save and proceed”.

Step:3 Lock It with OASIS 

After all, completing all the necessary requirements that are filling up the form, updating details, creating a password and applicant ID. In the end, you need to click on the button ” Lock and verify” to lock all the information you’ve updated and uploaded so far. Remember once locked you can’t edit it back. So be careful in this step.

Step:4 Downloading and Submission of the filled up Scholarship Form

After that, please click on the “download application form” to generate a computer copy for the same, the generated copy of the scholarship form then will be attached to other documents that you need to submit to the respective educational institutions.

Questions related to Scholarships and the process. 

SCHOLARSHIPS- Frequently Asked questions

How can a candidate apply for the scholarships?

It doesn’t matter that you’re a school-going student or a college-going, there are some basic things you need to know before applying and also things that you should keep in mind while applying.

•Firstly, Search for the scholarship that best suits your requirements.

•Keep an eye on the deadline, avoid the last-minute hassle and chaos.

•Please look that you’re visiting “the official page”, website portal for the scholarship

Candidates should know every bit of it, before applying. Knowing things prior to the start is better than knowing things afterward.

What is the correct time for applying for the scholarship?

There is no correct time as such, as we all know that scholarships guidelines vary depending upon the scholarship. One should always keep track of the given guidelines and information provided by the scholarship giver. For example, talking about OASIS scholarship you should check all the details about the particular scholarship on their respective portal.

What are the primary requirements for the documents? And what all documents does a scholarship form demand?

It is often seen that documents vary depending upon the scholarships. But yes, there are some of the documents that you should keep in hand. The list and number aren’t limited to this:

•Income statement

•Photo identity 

•Aadhar card

•Academic certificates

•Educational background certificates

•Caste Certificate

•Age proof( If needed)

What is the best time to apply for the scholarship?

It is advisable that as soon as the scholarship is announced, the aspirant should fill the form if he/she is eligible for doing that. Filling up the form at the last minute can be tremendous as it may cause anxiety which can further hamper the process and standing out for getting a scholarship.

Does only filling up the form properly increase the chances of getting a scholarship?

Filling up the form is merely a step that will pull you a little closer to your Dream Scholarship. No one can guarantee that one will be scholarship just because of the application but yes it will help in the further process. Both eligibility and the selection process decide who and who will not get the scholarship.

Note: The final decision lies in the hands of the Selection and scholarship committee. You can just give your best shot in achieving that.

Scholarships for Students 2023 | 10th & 12th Passed List of Scholarship
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