ANTSE 2024: Ajmal National Talent Search Examination

ANTSE 2024-25: The AJMAL NATIONAL TALENT SEARCH (ANTSE) EXAMINATION has assumed significance as a popular talent search examination in North East India. This Talent Search exam is an initial step taken by the organizers of this programme. It promotes students to enhance their skills and encourage them by providing them cash prizes or incentives. The scholarships is provided to the Matrious students who wants to study further. ANSTE Examination 2024 procedure will be given in the below article. 

to develop the interest of the candidates in the various competitive examinations. This exam is also to identify the extraordinary talents of the candidates in the academics. The Ajmal Foundation is the organizer of this exam. Form Submission Last Date is 15 April 2024.  the examination fees from the individual candidates should be deposited  either through online banking/cash deposit in favor of Ajmal Foundation-A/C No: 11284630800 (SBI, Hojai Branch Code- 02065, IFSC-SBIN0002065).


ANTSE 2024 Application Form, Notification, Dates

Exam Date not confirmed
Last Date to Apply April 2024
Result Date August 2024
Exam Fees: Rs. 150/-
Address: Hajji Mufossil Ali Complex, Hojai, Assam 782435

ANTSE 2024-25

ANTSE, short form for Ajmal National Talent Search Examination, is a talent search examination for school and college students. It is held for class III and above students up to Degree standard. Held annually in most of the North-eastern states and parts of West Bengal, ANTSE has gained popularity as a benchmark for academic tests of excellence. 4,25,448 candidates have participated in the talent search examination so far, and 73,271 candidates were awarded cash awards, certificates, and scholarships. The main intention of the program is to infuse competitive spirit among students and provide exposure to the competitive ethos of making them confident in their attempts of civil services examination entrance for admission into medical, technical and management institutes of repute.

ANTSE 2024– Ajmal Foundation has been encouraging students and is Providing Ajmal National Talent Search Scholarship 2024, Applications are invited from the eligible students for the ANTSE entrance exam 2024. Teachers desirous of participating as ANTSE Co-Ordinator’s will be given attractive incentives. Please contact ANTSE Office. II. examination Centres which fail to register the minimum number of students as prescribed by ANTSE Board are liable to be cancelled as ANTSE Centre examination centers. Total cash award for the year 2024 is up to Rs. 50 Lakh.


Students of III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, Higher Secondary classes (XI & XII) and Degree 1st, 2nd, 3rd year B. A./B.Sc./B. Com. and students studying Law, Engineering, Medical, Management and Computer Science, etc.

ANTSE Cash Prizes Details:

First 80 ranks will be selected from each class and first 6 ranks will be selected from 11th & 12th, graduation will be awarded cash prizes.

Rank from Each Class Cash Prize (Rs.)
1st Rank 5000
2nd Rank 4500
3rd Rank 4000
4th Rank 3500
5th Rank 3000
6th Rank 2500
7th Rank 2000
8th Rank 1700
9th Rank 1500
10th Rank 1000

Schedule for ANTSE Examination, 2024

It is for general information to all the aspirant students, teachers, coordinators, center-in charges & guardians that ANTSE Examination, 2024 will be held on May 2024.

Eligibility Criteria for Ajmal National Talent Search Exam 2024

Students of III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, Higher Secondary classes (XI & XII) and Degree 1st, 2nd, 3rd year B. A./B.Sc./B. Com. and students studying Law, Engineering, Medical, Management and Computer Science, etc.


  • Class wise examination up to class 10th will be objective type questions or(  MCQ).
  • There will be 1 Combined Paper for class XI and XII students.
  • There will be 1 combined paper for degree level BA/B.Sc/B.Com, 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and others.
  • Exam Fees: Rs. 150/- for each exam
  • Medium: English, Assamese & Bengali (up to class XII) English compulsory for( Degree Students)

Ajmal National Talent Search Exam Pattern

  • The medium of exam: English, Bengali, Assam.
  • Class wise examination up to Class 10th with MCQ based questions( or objective type questions).
  • One combined paper of Degree level for B.A/B.Sc./B.Com. 1st, 2nd, 3rd year and others.
  • One combined paper of Higher Secondary level for class 11th and 12th.

ANTSE 2024 Application Process

  • ANTSE scholarship form may be downloaded from the official website and should be filled up properly and submitted  to the coordinator of the centre who is to collect the examination fees from the individual candidates and deposit the total amount collected from students either through online banking/cash deposit in favor of Ajmal foundation- A/C No: 11284630800 (SBI, Hojai Branch Code- 02065, IFSC-SBIN0002065)
  • The Application Form, complete in all respects, must reach ANTSE Office on or before the scheduled last date. The ANTSE Board will not be responsible for any postal delay and all applications received after the last date will be rejected and no correspondence will be entertained in this respect.

Download ANTSE Question Papers – 2014

Class : III
Class : IV
Class : V
Class : VI
Class : VII
Class : VIII
Class : IX
Class : X
Class : H. S
Class : Degree

ANTSE Syllabus

Syllabus for Class-III


  1. Numbers
  2. Addition and subtraction
  3. Multiplication
  4. Division
  5. Fraction
  6. Money
  7. Time
  8. Measurement
  9. Shapes
  10. Pictographs
General Science


  1. Living and Non-living things
  2. Animals and plants
  3. Animals: their food and home
  4. Birds
  5. Beaks and Claws of Birds
  6. Birds and their Nests
  7. Plant life
  8. Soil
  9. Air and Water
  10. Weather
  11. The Earth and The Moon
  12. Our Body
  13. Safety and First Aid
  14. A Good House and Surroundings
  15. Our Clothes
  16. The story of Fire
  17. Measurements
  18. Means of Communication
Syllabus for Class-IV


  1. Roman Numbers
  2. Large Numbers
  3. Addition and Subtraction
  4. Multiplication and Division
  5. Multiples and Factors
  6. Fractions
  7. Decimals
  8. Money
  9. Time
  10. Measurement
  11. Geometry
  12. Perimeter and Area
General Science


  1. Living and Non-living Things
  2. Plants and Animals
  3. Plants and their Food
  4. Reproduction in Animals
  5. Care and protection of Plants and Animals
  6. Our Internal Organs
  7. Food and Digestion
  8. Teeth and Microbes
  9. Sanitation and Diseases
  10. Our Clothes
  11. Home Sweet Home
  12. Weather and its Influence on Life
  13. Natural resources, Soil and Crops
  14. Solids, Liquid and Gases
  15. Work, Force and Energy
  16. Measurements
  17. The shrinking world
  18. Stars and Planets
Syllabus for Class-V


  1. Large Numbers
  2. Factors and Multiples
  3. Fractions
  4. Decimals
  5. Simplification of Numerical Expressions
  6. Temperature
  7. Arithmetic
  8. Geometry
  9. Mensuration
  10. Data Handling
General Science


  1. Living Things
  2. Plant Reproduction
  3. Animal Life
  4. Your body
  5. Force, Work and Energy
  6. Matter
  7. Movement of the Earth, Weather & Skywatch
  8. The Ecosystem
Syllabus for Class-VI


  1. Knowing our Numbers
  2. Whole Numbers
  3. Playing with Numbers
  4. Basic Geometrical Ideas
  5. Understanding Elementary Shapes
  6. Integers
  7. Fractions
  8. Decimals
  9. Data Handling
  10. Mensuration
  11. Algebra
  12. Ratio and Proportion
  13. Symmetry
  14. Practical Geometry
General Science



  1. Work and Energy
  2. Work and Machines
  3. Electricity and Circuits
  4. Magnets


  1. Sorting materials into Groups
  2. Separation of Substances
  3. Changes around us
  4. Water
  5. Air around us


  1. Food and its Source
  2. Components of Food
  3. Clothes
  4. Plants
  5. Body Components
  6. Living Organisms and their Surroundings
  7. Health and Hygiene
  8. Garbage
Syllabus for Class-VII


  1. Integers
  2. Fractions and animals
  3. Data Handling
  4. Simple Equations
  5. Lines & Angles
  6. The triangle and its Properties
  7. Congruence of Triangles
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Rational Numbers
  10. Practical Geometry
  11. Perimeter and Area
  12. Algebraic Expressions
  13. Exponents and Powers
  14. Symmetry
  15. Visualizing Solid Shapes

General Science

  1. Motion and Time
  2. Heat
  3. Light
  4. Electric Current and its Effects


  1. Physical and chemical changes
  2. Acids, Bases and Salts
  3. Air Pressure, Winds and Weather
  4. Water and its Conservation


  1. Nutrition in Plants
  2. Nutrition in Animals
  3. Fibre to Fabric
  4. Organization in Living Beings, Changes and Adaptation
  5. Life on Earth and Soil
  6. Respiration in Organisms
  7. Transportation in Living Beings
  8. Reproduction and Growth in Plants
  9. Resources on Earth-Forests and Ecosystems
Syllabus for Class-VIII


  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Linear Equations in one Variable
  3. Understanding Quadrilaterals
  4. Practical Geometry
  5. Data Handling
  6. Squares and Square Roots
  7. Cubes and Cube Roots
  8. Comparing Quantities
  9. Algebraic Expressions and Identities
  10. Visualizing Solid Shapes
  11. Mensuration
  12. Exponents and powers
  13. Direct and Inverse Proportions
  14. Factorization
  15. Introduction to Graphs
  16. Playing with Numbers
General Science


  1. Force and Pressure
  2. Friction
  3. Sound
  4. Chemical Effects of Electric Current
  5. Some Natural Phenomena
  6. Light
  7. Stars and The Solar System


  1. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics
  2. Metals and Non-metals
  3. Coal and Petroleum
  4. Combustion and Flame
  5. Pollution of Air and Water


  1. Food Production and Management
  2. Cell
  3. Microorganisms
  4. Conservation of Plants and Animals
  5. Reproduction in Animals
  6. Reaching the age of Adolescence
Syllabus for Class-IX


  1. Number Systems
  2. Polynomials
  3. Co-ordinate Geometry
  4. Linear Equations in Two Variables
  5. Lines & Angles
  6. Triangles
  7. Quadrilaterals
  8. Areas of Parallelograms & Triangles
  9. Circles
  10. Construction
  11. Heron’s Formula
  12. Surface Areas & Volumes
  13. Statistics
  14. Probability
General Science


  1. Motion
  2. Force & Laws of Motion
  3. Gravitation and Pressure
  4. Work, Energy and Power
  5. Sound


  1. Matter
  2. The Nature of Matter
  3. Atoms and Molecules
  4. Structure of the Atom


  1. Fundamental Unit of Life
  2. Tissues
  3. Diversity in Living Organisms
  4. Health and Diseases
  5. Natural Resources
  6. Improvement in Food Resources
Syllabus for Class-X


  1. Algebra
  2. Commercial Mathematics
  3. Geometry
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Mensuration
  6. Statistics
  7. Coordinate Geometry

General Science

  1. Light
  2. Electricity
  3. Sources of Energy
  4. Fossil Fuels
  5. Nuclear Energy
  6. Our Universe
  7. Space Exploration


  1. Rates of Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equilibrium
  2. Some Important Chemical Compounds
  3. Metals and Non-metals
  4. Carbon Compounds


  1. Nutrition
  2. Respiration
  3. Transportation
  4. Excretion
  5. Control and Coordination
  6. Reproduction
  7. Heredity and Evolution
  8. Our Environment

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National Level Scholarship Exam [NSE]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When will students receive the ANTSE admit card?

Students will get the admit card 15 days before the commencement of the examination, which will mention all your details, if you have any inquiry regarding to the examination center, conduct of examination, etc. then we request u to, please contact via email, which is mentioned on the official website.

When will students get the result?

The ANTSE result of the students will start coming from around August 2022 for the May exam, yet the date is not confirmed, as soon as the date is confirmed, we will inform you through our website so please check the official website on a regular basis.

Where should we prepare for the ANTSE exam?

All the students can check all the question papers of the previous year and various sample question papers regarding their concerned subjects and class for which the questions are being asked. Apart from this, you can also prepare from outside tuition or coaching classes, but the best option is if you take a look at the previous year’s question papers and go through them, you will get some ideas on how to prepare. Also, you can check CBSE ICSE board papers, both have a similar value.

ANTSE 2024: Ajmal National Talent Search Examination
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