Gandhi Fellowship 2021, Eligibility & Apply

Gandhi Fellowship Program was set up in 2008 by the Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF), a non-profit organization. We are living in a country that is struggling to avoid scams and is fighting against the lack of accountability in governance, even after 65 years of independence. It has become important to ask what kind of nation we are building through our youth.

Gandhi Fellowship has been done in India to provide some help to the youth, which took place in 2008 with 11 colleagues. Gandhi Fellowship is a 2-year residential program launched by the Kaivalya  Education Foundation in support of the Parimal Foundation. The interested candidates can be from any field i.e. Applied & Pure Sciences, Commerce and Business, Engineering, Social & Behavioural Science, Maths and Journalism, Humanities, & Liberal Arts, Education, Law, etc. Gandhi fellowship provides an opportunity for all students who want to function in social communities and alteration what is in System Design India. Through this fellowship, you will be able to understand and learn all that.

Gandhi Fellowship Reward

Spirituality will receive a stipend of Rs. 14000 per month during the 2-year intensive program.

Last payment of Scholarship: Half of the monthly stipend will be given to the candidate, while the other half will be kept as an interest-free reserve. The interest-free reserve will be paid after the completion of the fellowship period.

Important dates Gandhi Fellowship



Online application releasing date

January 2021

Closing date for an application form

31 March 2021

Fellowship classes start

1 July 2021

Fellowship classes closed

1 July 2021

Eligibility Criteria Gandhi Fellowship 

  • It is mandatory for the students to be residents of India to get the scholarship.
  • The aspirant should not be more than 26 years of age.
  • At least definitely you must have a graduation degree.
  • Interested must be unmarried.
  • If willing to perform well in his sports program and in any art, he can also try for college in college.
  • No college or any coaching or office is allowed during the fellowship.

How to apply Gandhi Fellowship?

You will not get the application form from any other website, for this, you will have to visit the official website. To fill the application for this exam, you will have to go online and the offline application form will not be submitted.

  • All the students who are interested in this exam will have to visit the official website ( Click Here)
  • In the home page, go to the application page and read all the details carefully first.
  • After that, start filling your application, fill all the information asked correctly and without any mistake.
  • After filling the application form, check all your details once and there is nothing left.
  • Upload the original documents with the application form attached and you have to upload your scanned photo and signature as well.

Gandhi Fellowship: 2-year Residential Program

Gandhi Fellowship is a 2 years program spread across 4 semesters and in all it has 10 Fellowship Processes.

  1. Field Support
  2. Debriefs
  3. Classroom Training
  4. Community Immersion
  5. Public Systems Project
  6. Curriculum on Leadership
  7. Curriculum on Fitness
  8. Learning Journey
  9. Private Dream Discovery Process
  10. Collaborative Learning

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Gandhi Fellowship?

Gandhi Fellowship maybe leadership, 2-year residential educational program in Transformation Leadership. The fellowship gives a platform to support the brilliant, young minds of the country and partner the headmasters of primary schools to rework their schools to realize their educational outcomes. within the process, the fellows discovered their personal dreams and received support to show these dreams into real post fellowships, through The New Millionaire Program.

What exactly happens during the Gandhi Fellowship?

The aim of the fellowship is to live the general growth and development of a partner. The fellowship course works towards building and strengthening the leadership of the guy. The course is made around the following 13 procedures:

Field Support (FS) – for college and Community
Class immersion (CRI)
Community immersion (CI)
Leadership Course (LC)
Monthly Workshops (MW)
Boot Camp (BC)
Kaun Banega New Millionaire (KBTNM) – A process found out as a contest with multiple rounds to explore the depth of the matter that peers have an interest in solving and practicing solutions for various stakeholders Provides.
Learning Journey (LJ)
Monthly One-on-One (1: 1)
Debriefs (DB)
Welfare Management (WM)
Private Dream Articulation (PD)

Do Fellows Get Holidays?

The holidays are scheduled to suit the varsity calendar for the whole Gandhi Fellowship batch. there are a few 1-week breaks to coincide with Diwali during the school term holidays and another 1-week break. Because most activities during the 2-year program are group activities, fellows are discouraged from taking breaks, which are set for the group as an entire.

What do fellows do after two years?

Over the course of two years, the Gandhi Fellowship is supported to define their personal dreams and after 2 years are equipped with the talents to pursue it. The fellowship features a placement cell that helps find jobs if needed (in line with their personal dreams), but the fellows are expected to be independent and find their way in pursuing their dreams – that friendship features a very idea of The New Millionaire Program (TNMP) is structured to assist fellows who wish to develop their potential over a 10-year period (including 2 years of fellowship) to become TNM. The New Millionaire is defined as an individual who can influence a million lives over a period of 10 years through social entrepreneurship.

What quiet support will the peers receive during the 2-year period?

A unique grant system encourages the philosophy of encouraging and supporting children to require risks and build entrepreneurial skills. Gandhi Fellowship offers an All-inclusive monthly grant of Rs.4,000 (taxable), Rs. a hard and fast monthly phone allowance of 600 (taxable), and rent-free housing, transportation, and other allowances, which are applied on the idea of the necessity to support the upkeep of youth post-fellowship considerations, basic of Rs 14,000. The grant is split as follows:

Basic monthly maintenance grant of Rs. 7000 (pre-tax) and 161000 interest-free reserve amount. From the remaining Rs. 7000

The cumulative reserve amount is going to be paid at the top of the tenure and therefore the fellowship is going to be successfully completed after a period of 23 months. This cumulative grant supports Gandhi fellowship graduates individually or collaboratively with other fellows, international learning risks or specific aspirations to initiate their choices of social enterprise to suit their aspirations.

Gandhi Fellowship 2021, Eligibility & Apply
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