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OSCE Scholarship for Peace and security  

The OSCE is refers to Organization for Security and corporations in Europe. A limited number of students from other OSCE participating States can be accepted to the programmes. Financial Support/Scholarship: Its origins in 1975 Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe held in Finland. The secretariat of OSCE is in Vienna which is located in Austria. The official languages are English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. OSCE has Intergovernmental organization. There are 57 participating states 11 partners for cooperation membership. As the conference on security and cooperation in Europe was established in July 1973. Helsinki accords was established by 30 July -1 August 1975. Paris charter was established in 27 November 1990 and renamed OSCE established by 1 January 1995. The general secretary leader of OSCE is Thomas greminger,the chairman in office is Miroslav Lajcak ,Officer for democratic institutions and human rights is Ingibjorg solrun gisladottir, the representative on freedom of the media Harlem desir , The high commissioner on National minorities lamberto zannier.  

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Arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation are essential elements in conflict prevention and resolution. Youth, particularly women remain chronically underrepresented in these fields. The potential of education in strengthening youth, and women in contributing to achieve sustainable peace has been widely recognised. With proper training and support, young women can provide a vital contribution to peace and security. 

The OSCE jointly with UNODA offers a training programme providing a general orientation and knowledge about conflict prevention and resolution through arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation, with a specific focus on OSCE-relevant instruments. 

The training programme is supported by the Scholarship for Peace and Security that is a joint initiative of the OSCE and the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs at Vienna, in partnership with a number of organisations whose work contributes to arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation and development-related issues. 

Participants learn 

This online and offline course introduces participants by the conceptual and practical aspects of: 

  • Conflict cycle, including conflict prevention and resolution. 
  • Arms control, confidence and security building measures. 
  • Non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear security. 
  • Combating illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons. 
  • Conventional weapons and ammunition. 
  • Disarmament and development. 
  • Gender aspects. 
  • Peace and development-related technologies.

The programme consists of two components: 

An interactive online foundation course lasting 8 weeks 

An in-depth in-person course lasting one week to be held in Vienna (Austria) including: 

  • Workshops 
  • Case studies 
  • Lectures 
  • Visits to Vienna based organisations 


There are limited seats available to enrol in the course, registration is reserved for nationals of OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation. 

A total of 100 scholarships are available to facilitate the participation of young professional women and men from OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation. The seats are reserved for the women in the in-person training. They are enforced to apply for the online course scholarship. 

An audience of the training courses 

Especially female who are working in different fields of OSCE participating states and partners for cooperation. The issues which are related to disarmament, nonproliferation and development which is not required.  

Training course organised 

The training course is composed of: 

  • 8 weeks online foundation training (about 40 hours) 
  • 1 week in-person in-depth training (about 40 hours) 
  • The online component includes: self-paced webinars with weekly sessions, reading material, exams and interaction with the instructors and the fellow participants.


Training courses 


  • A computer or mobile device, with audio 
  • Reliable internet connection 
  • No special software is required 


  • The trainees should attend the workshops and training sessions at Vienna, Austria for five days.


Certificate of completion: all the candidates will get the certificate after successfully completing the training course.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to attend the meetings of the Permanent Council or Forum for Security Co-operation?

The meetings of the Permanent Council and the Forum for Security Co-operation, which is held in the Neuer Sal at the Hoffberg Congress Center in Vienna, are generally not open to the press. However, when a guest is a speaker, journalists may be invited to listen to the speech. In such cases, a media advisor will be published a few days in advance on our press release and media advisory page and e-mailed to media clients as well.

How do I contact for OSCE Scholarship?

Press inquiries related to all aspects of OSCE work can be sent to @@ cece.org. Inquiries sent to this e-mail address will be directed to press officers in the Communications and Media Relations Section at the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna.

Media contact numbers and e-mail addresses for OSCE field operations and OSCE institutions and other bodies can be found here.

The media is also welcome to send inquiries to contact representatives of OSCE partner states and partners for cooperation.

OSCE Scholarship for Peace and Security 2023 @ www.osce.org
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