PDM University Scholarship 2023, Application Form, Awards, Dates

PDM University Scholarship:- PDM University is offered to students who express their willingness to study in sentences and want to pursue their further studies. The only objective of awarding scholarship is to provide assistance to the meritorious students who want to do something to study and study in a sentence but are not able to do it due to their financial condition and economic disabilities. To get the scholarship, students have to pass 12th class and the students who want to pursue graduation and are in the first year will be entitled to the scholarship. The scholarship is not applicable for Dental Programs (BDS & MDS) Students passing out from Haryana and CBSE Board are being given a golden opportunity through the scholarship.

Please note that the scholarships mentioned above are not applicable to students who wish to pursue dental programs such as BDS and MDS. Additionally, these scholarships are exclusively available to CBSE students and students who are residents of Haryana.

PDM University Scholarship Highlight

  • Only one first-year student will receive this PDM University Scholarship.
  • Above Scholarship is applicable for CBSE Board Students and Haryana Domicile only.
  • The fee structure for twenty-five percent of the students who are domicile of Haryana will be based on merit-cum-means.
  • PDM University Scholarship are not for students who belong to industry programs like B.Tech in collaboration with IBM, BBA in collaboration with IBM.

Scholarship Based on PDM University Examination

  • Students who have done 9.8 CGPA in PDM University Exam. Those students will be given a 25% scholarship amount for their respective Year.
  • Students who have done 8.5 CGPA in PDM University Exam. Those students will be given a 20 % scholarship amount for their respective Year. 
  • Students who have done 7.5 CGPA in PDM University Exam. Those students will be given a 15 %  scholarship amount for their respective Year.
  • Top 10 Outstanding Students will be given a cash prize of ₹ 21000.
PDM University Scholarship Criteria Scholarship Fee Waiver [only for the respective year]
  9.5 CGPA and above 25%
8.5 CGPA and above   20 % 
7.5 CGPA and Above   15 % 

Scholarship for all UG and PG Programs

  1. Students who are passing 95% such students will get the 100 percent tuition fees.
  2. Students who are passing  90 % to 94.99 % such students will get the 50% percent tuition fees.
  3. Students who are passing 85 % to 89.99 % such students will get the 20% percent tuition fees.
  4. Students who are passing 80 % to 84.99 % such students will get the 15% percent tuition fees.
  5. Students who are passing 75 % to 79.99 % such students will get the 10% percent tuition fees.
  6. Students who are passing 65 % to 74.99 % such students will get the 5% percent tuition fees.
Scholarship Criteria  Scholarship Fee Waiver
Above 95 % 100%
90 % to 94.99 % 50%
85 % to 89.99 % 20%
80 % to 84.99 % 15%
75 % to 79.99 % 10%
65 % to 74.99 % 5%

Other Scholarship 

PDM University Scholarship Fee Waiver
PDM Alumni (including students passed from PDM Public School) Scholarship worth 10% on Tuition Fee
Ward of PDM Employees Monthly Income [ < 15,000] – 75% on Tuition Fee
Monthly Income [15,000 – 25,000] – 50% on Tuition Fee
Monthly Income [ > Rs.25,000] – 25% on Tuition Fee

Other Government Scholarship

  • One-fifth of twenty-five percent will be given full fee concession.
  • Two fifth fifty percent fee concession of twenty-five percent will be given
  • The balance two fifth twenty-five percent will be given twenty-five percent fee concession.

Contact Details 

ADDRESS:  Sector 3A Bahadurgarh, Haryana 124507

PHONE:     1800-180-6600 (Toll-Free)

EMAIL:       [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any need for uploading a domicile certificate along with the online application form?

Yes, the domicile certificate/ permanent resident certificate issued by the competent authority will have to be uploaded with the online application form.

Does applying for a scholarship earlier than the deadline help me?

Unfortunately, there’s no benefit to submitting early. The important thing is getting your full application before the deadline. Scholarship admins have to review every submission, but they may not do so in order of receipt. Focus on a complete, comprehensive application, rather than an early one.

How do I get a scholarship?

Apply — it’s that simple! Many students assume they won’t win, and so they don’t apply. Many scholarships go unclaimed every year. Once you’ve figured out the scholarships you qualify for, start applying. You’ll probably hear back from the award admin before you know it.

Is there an application ID?

Yes. Once you submit your application online, the candidate will be provided with an application ID. This will be given to the candidates through SMS. Students should remember their ID as it will be required when applying for renewal in later years. Obtaining an ID does not in itself give a guaranteed award of scholarship.

Can I edit the information already saved and up to what time?

You can edit draft/incomplete information filled by you until you ‘Submit’ the online application. To edit the application, go to the option “Student login”→ enter the Application Id then click on submit ‘login’ button.

PDM University Scholarship 2023, Application Form, Awards, Dates
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