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Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023-24 : 30 November 2023 (Tantively) is the last date of Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023-24, Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023 has been launched by the University Grants Commission (UGC).  Generally announced every year during the month of August. This is a Special Scholarship Scheme for North Eastern Region (NER). This scholarship is for the students of the Economically Weaker Section of NER to make sure that they can carry on with their higher education. Under this scheme, around 10,000 scholarships are distributed to students every year. Ishan Uday is a scholarship scheme 2023 meant for the north-eastern students. It offers 10000 scholarships at the rate amount of Rs.5400/- p.m. for General Degree courses and Rs. 7800/- p.m. for Technical & Professional courses (including Medical & Para medical courses) will be given through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to the beneficiary student.

Ishan Uday Scholarship is a scholarship program launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India, to support students from North Eastern Region (NER) pursuing higher education. The scholarship is aimed at promoting higher education among students from economically weaker sections of society in the North Eastern Region of India.

Ishan Uday Scholarship Apply online

Ishan Uday Scholarship is a program targeting (NER) region students, those students who wish to further study for the higher education can apply online on the official website of it. The portal shows the important notifications and the last date of filling the form. Online form filling makes the process easier for the candidates, once the application form is filled students will receive a verification mail, along with the further process list of it.

Ishan Uday Scholarship Latest Update:

Ishan Uday Scholarship is a special scholarship scheme for students from the North Eastern Region of India. It is funded by the University Grants Commission (UGC) and provides financial assistance to students pursuing general degree courses, technical and professional courses, including medical and paramedical courses.

Scheme Name *Scheme Closing Date *Closing Application Verification Date *Institute Verification
ISHAN UDAY – Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region Oct 2023 Oct 2023 30 Nov 2023
  • UGC Public Notice regarding: Revised merit list of provisional selected candidates under “ISHAN UDAY Special Scholarship Scheme for NER”

Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023-24

The Ministry of HRD and the University Grants Commission have taken a particular interest in promoting higher education in the NER. To improve the GER, encourage higher education, and encourage children belonging to the economically weaker section of the NE region, the UGC has decided to launch the “Ishan Uday” Special Scholarship Scheme for North Eastern Region from the academic session 2023-24. Before launching the scheme, the UGC undertook wide-ranging consultations with State Governments and Central & State Universities of the NE region, the Ministry of HRD, the Ministry of Development of North Eastern Region, the North Eastern Council, Shillong, and other stakeholders.

Highlights of Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023

  • The scholarship was launched and implemented in the year 2014-15.
  • Students pursuing higher education like General degree courses, technical and professional courses, and medical and para-medical courses can apply for the scholarship.
  • Students can apply for the scholarship on the NSP portal.
  • Students from the states- Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and Tripura can avail of this scholarship.
  • The scholarship amount is Rs 7800 and Rs 5400 per month.
  • Nov 2023 is the last date of Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023.

Objectives of Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023

  • The main purpose of this scholarship is to provide 10,000 scholarships every year.
  • One of the objectives of the scholarship is to increase the Gross Enrollment Ratio(GER) in the NE.
  • To ensure that the students of the NE region get equal opportunities to pursue higher education.
  • To promote the importance of higher and professional studies in the region and enhance its importance in the region.
  • To make sure that the budget allocated for the scholarship is optimally utilized.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for the scholarship?

The candidates eligible for the Ishan Uday Scholarship are:

  • The candidate must pass 10+2 from a recognized board including CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), NIOS ( National Institute of Open Learning), within the NE Region.
  • The candidate must be residing in the NE region, he must be a domicile of the NE region.
  • Undergraduate students in the first year of graduation are also eligible for the scholarship.
  • The income of the parents of the candidate should not be more than Rs 4.5 lakh.
  • Transgender candidates can also apply for the scholarship, their reservation is the same as set by the Government of India (GOI).
  • The candidate must have applied and secured admission in the courses- general courses, professional courses, medical and paramedical courses in the colleges as under:
  • Universities/institutes/colleges funded by central or state governments.
  • The institute or the college must be of national importance.
  • Institutions included in the Section2(f), 12(B), of UGC Act.
  • Deemed to be universities under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956, and must be eligible to receive grants from UGC.
  • The universities must be recognized by other Statutory Council from inside as well as outside.
  • For dual degree courses, the scholarship is tenable only for the first degree, for integrated courses, the scholarship will be tenable for the complete course. The University shall be responsible for providing and clarifying the details while recommending the names of students for the Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023.


The following shall not be eligible under Ishan Uday scholarship 2023

1) Students pursuing courses/programs through Open Universities.
2) Students already availing scholarship for pursuing the Undergraduate program under any other scheme(s).
3) Students gaining admission through ‘management quota’.
4) Students pursuing courses, such as Diploma Courses, not leading to the award of a Degree.
5) Students whose parent’s income exceeds Rs.4.5 lakh per annum.

Candidates Not Eligible for the Ishan Scholarship?

Following candidates are not eligible for the scholarship:

  • Candidates availing scholarships for under-graduate degree courses under any scheme.
  • Students pursuing courses through Open Universities.
  • Candidates pursuing a course that cannot be awarded as course, like Diploma Courses.
  • Students who have gained admission through management quota.
  • Candidates whose parents’ annual income exceeds Rs 4.5 Lakh.

The selection process for the Ishan Uday scholarship 2023

  • The population census of the NE region influences the distribution of slots of the scholarship.
  • The portal receives a fresh application for the scholarship every year.
  • If the slots of one state are left vacant due to the non-availability of candidates, then the slots are distributed among other states in equal proportion.
  • Reservation for PwD candidates is as per the norms set by the Government of India.

How to fill the form for Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023?

  • Students can apply on the National e-Scholarship portal of the Government of India. The whole process is online.
  • The following documents must be submitted:
  • Domicile certificate
  • Proof of annual income
  • The annual progress of the students and the continuation of studies has to be uploaded and verified by the institution for the renewal of the scholarship.
  • The last date of the submission of receipt of the online application form is Nov 2023.

Documents required for Uday Scholarship
The following documents will be uploaded at the time of applying under the scheme on the NeSP.
1. Domicile certificate to be issued by the competent authority.
2. Proof of annual income to be issued by the competent authority.
3. For renewals, the annual progress report and continuation of studies will be required to be
uploaded/ verified by the concerned University/ Institution/ College.

Ishan Uday Scholarship Amount

The amount of the Ishan Uday Scholarship is as under:

  • The candidates pursuing general degree courses will receive Rs 5400 per month.
  • Candidates pursuing professional courses including medical and para-medical courses get Rs 7800 per month.
  • The amount will be transferred through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to the beneficiary students. 

Eligible students may apply online through National e-Scholarship Portal of the Government of India URL:

Amount of fellowship: Amount of Rs 5400/- p.m. for General Degree courses and Rs. 7800/- p.m. for Technical & Professional courses (including Medical & Para medical courses) will be given through Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) to the beneficiary student.

Disbursement of Ishan Uday Scholarship

Students who can get proper education due to financial crisis or Covid then Ishan Uday Scholarship are the best option for pursuing their higher education. Students can get financial support and INR 5400 for undergraduate courses. Ishan Uday Scholarship will be paid to selected students UGC through DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) mode and will be transfer to the beneficiaries’ bank account.

Ishan Uday Scholarship 2023-24 | Online Application Form
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