CCI National Level Essay “Competition Commission of India (CCI) 2024”

Competition Commission of India 2024 proposes to conduct the CCI National Level Essay Competition 2024. For students who are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses from India in various Indian universities/institutes/colleges recognized by the designated authorities.

Several criteria, including the fact that an enterprise’s gross merchandise value for the 12 months before to the relevant date was 10% or more of its entire global gross merchandise value, could be used to determine whether or not it has significant business operations in India, according to CCI.

CCI National Level Essay Competition is an annual event organized by the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to promote awareness and understanding of competition law and policy among students in India. The competition is open to students enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. programs in universities and colleges across the country.

The topic for the essay competition changes every year, and is usually announced by the CCI in the months leading up to the competition. The essays are judged by a panel of experts on the basis of originality, relevance to the topic, and overall quality of research and analysis.

Winners of the competition are awarded cash prizes, certificates, and the opportunity to participate in an internship program at the CCI. The competition also helps in creating a pool of talented and informed individuals who are sensitive to the principles of competition and can contribute to the growth of the Indian economy.

Late date:-

  • Last date is October 2024 to apply for Competition Commission of India 2024.

Examination medium 

  • You will be tested in the English language.

Note:- No charge of any kind will be charged from students for this Competition Commission of India 2024.

What is the prize for the competition?

After winning this competition, students are given admission by the Competition Commission of India CCI.

Competition Commission of India internship 2024

CCI’s internship programme aims to provide students with hands-on experience with competition law. Students must comprehend the complexities and nitty-gritty of Competition Law for their future roles in many capacities, as CCI plays a vital role in the economy as a market regulator. CCI’s internship programmes invites talent from the greatest Indian educational institutes located around the country.

Price for undergraduate students 

Prizes Rs

Undergraduate Students








2 x 5,000



Price for Graduate students 

Prizes Rs

Graduate Students








2 x 5,000 



Note:- Students who win the competition will be given a certificate and their name will be publish on CCI website. 

Eligibility for Criteria Competition Commission of India 2024

You must be within any two categories to participate in this competition.

First category 

If an undergraduate student comes into these categories, he is eligible for participation.

  • Including students pursuing undergraduate courses 
  • Students in the first three years 
  • Integrated postgraduate students
  • Pursue the foundation and executive programs of the company’s institute Secretary of India
  • The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Second Category

If a Postgraduate student comes into these categories, he is eligible for participation.

  • Post-graduation.
  • MPhil. And Ph.D. Students 
  • Final programs of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India
  • The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India  
  • The Institute of Cost Accountants of India.

Wards and relatives of employees of the Competition Commission of India or office of Director General-CCI or Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI are NOT ELIGIBLE to participate in this competition. 

Details of Competition Commission of India (CCI) 2024

  • You have to submit the application form for this exam which will be online.
  • The essay will be submitted by the students by the October 2024.
  • Co-authored papers of up to two authors are permitted to be submitted as a team. In such case both the authors must fulfill the eligibility criteria.
  • Only one essay will be given for one participant and or per collaborating team of co-authors. The prizes in such cases will be shared among the team members. 

How long should the essay be?

The maximum word count for the essay is 3000 words, including footnotes. While there is no minimum word limit, we encourage participants to submit essays of at least 1500 words.

Format of the Essay

  • Typed on A4 size.
  • Font size shall be 12 points (English) in Times New Roman
  • 1.5 interlinear space
  • Margins of one inch (2.54 cm) on all the four sides

How to submit the essay?

To submit an essay, the last date is October 2024, you have to send your Essay by email Id. Candidates have to attach student ID cards with colors scanned and signed entry form endorsed by the college/institution/university and convert it into PDF format Upload on [email protected] via email Id. 

  • The first national scholarship for all students on the home page of the portal should go to the option of “Student Login”.
  • Fill the application form as per the instructions and click on the save button.
  • Applicants are required to submit details of The Objective ‘in about 200 words’ includes a brief introduction to the topic and the objectives of the study.
  • Fill in the following details of the system will instruct his / her applicant to submit a provisional ID and date of birth.
  • Application completed in the prescribed format in all To reach the honor can be sent by post – Secretary, Competition Commission of India, Competition Commission of India, 10th Floor, Office Block, Tower.1, Ring Road (Opposite AIIMS) Kidwai Nagar (East), New Delhi-110023 “.
  • Applications can also be emailed [email protected]



Scoring of the essay

  • Entries will be judged independently by a committee:  
  • Originality and clarity of the content  
  • Quality of the analysis and research  
  • Language and Structure of the essay

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is implied by the law of implantation?

In blends including progress between related advances/exchanges, where the resource / a part or division or business (‘relevant clause’) is transferred to an undertaking with the ultimate goal of such efforts, identifying with a secular / merger / To be understood is amalgamation with any other or enterprise, the estimate of the relevant section of profit and business of undertaking transferor, Section 5 of the Act Credit will be given for the assessment of profit and transaction undertaking with the ultimate goal of calculating the limits under.

Who should record notification with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) 2023?

Due to the acquisition, the recipient is required to file a notification. Due to a merger or amalgamation, all assemblies of the mix are required to match the notification document.

Who can sign a notification?

Any person who has been properly approved by the informed assembly can sign the notification The informing party on the occasion is an Indian organization, notification The said person (s) should be submitted a sure duplicate report of the signing Board goals with the signature in the form. For corporate, as can submit reports:

For body corporates who are required to pass the goals of the board for such approval, a copy of the confirmation of the goals of the board approving the said person (s) to sign the notification;

For body corporates who, under the law material for such substances, are not required to pass the board’s goals for such approval, any key administrative faculty (ie, chief executive officer or managing director, company) The approval letter given by one of the secretaries, director, chief financial officer or their equivalent for personal marking) can be submitted to the notification Is. The said approval should be marked on the head of the organization and according to the appropriate law, any place should bear the relevant, seal of the organization or its proportion.

After filing a notification with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) 2023, will I be able to educate CCI of any adjustments to the data given in the notification?

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) 2023 is required to advise the CCI of any adjustments to the data provided in the notification, firstly, during the evaluation of the CCI mix. Adjustments to the data given in the notification are likely to fundamentally affect the elements for AAEC’s assurance or for CCI’s evaluation of the mixture, the CCI may not consider the notification entered after it has been collected sufficient. Chance to listen.

CCI National Level Essay “Competition Commission of India (CCI) 2024”
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