Scholarship Schemes for Physically Handicapped Students 2024

Scholarship for Physically Handicapped Students 2024: Disabilities are natural so we can’t interrupt in that but we can find a way to defeat them with our courage and hard work. And, these scholarships are the ray towards this direction. In India, there are many organizations offering scholarships for handicapped students. These scholarships are offering with the name of handicapped engineering scholarship, laptop scholarship, etc. 

Central Government Scholarships for Physically Handicapped Students 2024

The official authorities of the Indian Government and private organizations have already introduced many scholarship schemes at the school level as well as university level. So don’t sit back due to your disabilities and financial crisis must apply for higher studies to have a bright future. Choose the scholarships from below list –

1) Scholarship Schemes for the Disabled Students, Gujarat

The official authorities of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of Gujarat introduced this scholarship to support the financially weaker physically-handicapped school students to continue their higher studies. This financial support will encourage the students for further study and to defeat the obstacles of their life.

  • The students will get INR 5000 annually as a financial support for higher studies.
  • The students belong to the Gujarat state is eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Schemes initiated by Government for Minorities

2) Scholarship programs for Special Education and Vocational Training to Disabled: Maharashtra

The candidates have disabilities like impaired, orthopedically handicapped and hearing-impaired, etc are eligible to apply for this scholarship for their higher studies. This scholarship scheme will support them to study at a higher level to get a good future.

  • The candidates will receive financial support through this scholarship for physically handicapped students.
  • The permanent candidates of Maharashtra with age criterion in between 6-18 are eligible to apply.

Girls Scholarship Scheme

3) AICTE Saksham Scholarship Scheme

The official authority of AICTE All India Council of Technical Education provides this scholarship to the differently-abled students to support them financially for higher studies. Only technical courses pursuing students are eligible for this scholarship. Above than 1000 students get selected yearly and will receive an amount of 30,000 INR as financial support for tuition fee. The students from all over India are eligible to apply for the scholarship scheme.

  • Candidates will get some wave off in tuition fee and a scholarship amount of INR 30000.
  • The students applying for any technical degree courses are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

4) Scholarships provided for technical education to Handicapped Students of Maharashtra:

The students belong to Maharashtra State and found to be disabled with above than 40% are eligible to apply for the scholarship scheme. The students applying for any technical course are eligible to apply for this scheme.

  • Applicant selected will get an amount of INR 1200 monthly.
  • The students of Maharashtra State are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

5) Cavin Care Ability Awards for courageous work:

The officials of Ability Foundation and CavinKare Pvt Ltd. In collaboration together provides the CavinKare Ability Awards. The award will be given in two categories including CavinKare Ability Mastery Awards and CavinKare Ability Award to the selected candidates. This scholarship will support the candidates financially.

  • As the scholarship reward, the candidate selected will receive a cash prize of INR 2, 00,000.

Problems Faced by Disabled Candidates

As we know that there is already much discrimination on the basis of color and caste then how’s it possible that people didn’t face any problem due to these disabilities. In daily life people used to face many difficulties in traveling, walking, and not be able to perform many tasks as easily as a normal person can perform. As a result of which the morale of a person becomes down and the candidates didn’t feel comfortable and get demotivated. To encourage the students there are many organizations which put a step forward to support them financially for higher studies.

Inadequate accessibility, both in terms of physically inaccessible school premises and insufficient learning tools. Discrimination and prejudice that prohibits people with impairments from having equal access to education as others.

National Level Scholarship Portal

The students with disabilities must apply for above scholarship schemes for their higher studies. To get the latest updates, be stay tuned with us on our official website for the scholarship for physically handicapped students.

Top Minority Scholarship

HDFC Educational Scholarship Scheme

Frequently Asked Questions

How to submit an online application? Can I have the user id and the password to apply for the renewal scholarship?

Implement procedures for renewed and for both scholarship schemes
Renewal is given below:

Fresh: First step – Students have to go to the home page of the National scholarship portal with the option “Student Login”. Fill the application according to the instructions given by the system and then click on the Save button. After saving, the student will get a “Temporary ID”. The system will instruct the applicant to submit his provisional ID and date of birth to fill in later details. Upon completion of registration after clicking the submit button, a permanent registration ID is created which can be used for renewal and can track the status of the application.

Renewal: First Stage – Renewal students have to apply with their bank account number and date of birth which they registered last year. Students can also use the forgotten registration ID to retrieve their ID.

What are the eligibility conditions?

(a) Citizen of India
(B) The disability of a person with a disability is not less than 40% and is a disability issued by any competent medical authority.
(C) No more than two disabled children of the same parent will be entitled to receive the benefits of the scheme. Provided that the second child is a twin, scholarship under this scheme will be admissible for both the twins.
(d) The scholarship will be available for study in any class for one year only. If a student has to repeat a class, they will not receive a scholarship for that class for a second (or later) year.
(e) Under this scheme, one scholarship holder will not hold any other
Scholarship/stipend. If any other scholarship/stipend is awarded, the student can use his / her option for either of the two scholarships/stipends, which is more beneficial for him/her and about the option given by the institute. The awarding authority through the chief should inform.

Scholarship Schemes for Physically Handicapped Students 2024
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