Students Affordable Education

AICTE also known as the All India Council for Technical Education the government assign National fee committer for the Tuition and Development Fee for the Programmes and requested all the State/ UT Governments to adhere to these recommendations. So that students get an affordable education.

List of government scholarships to apply

Minister of Education many implementing schemes to provide financial assistance to the students, Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for Colleges and University Students Special Scholarship Scheme for Jammu & Kashmir (SSS for J & K) and Central Sector Interest Subsidy Scheme (CSIS). AICTE is also implementing several scholarship schemes:

  1. Post Graduate (PG) Scholarship
  2. Saksham Scholarship Scheme 
  3. Pragati Scholarship Scheme for Girl Students, 
  4. AICTE Doctoral Fellowship

UGC also provides scholarships under different schemes, namely P.G. Scholarship for University Rank Holders, Junior Research Fellowship in Science, Humanities and Social Sciences, BSR Fellowship and Emeritus Fellowship etc.

Students Affordable Education
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