Full-Form of SAT

SAT MEANS Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT):- More than two million students take the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) each year. It is a major standardized test, accepted by most colleges as a requirement for entry and test students’ skills and potential in several key areas. Along with the ACT exam, this test tends to form the basis of a student’s ongoing education. It is composed of three areas that are tested. The Writing section includes both multiple-choice and an essay question and is designed to test a student’s ability to communicate as well as correct and improve grammar and sentence structure. The Math section of the test includes questions from various math disciplines including algebra numbers and operations, and geometry. This section includes multiple-choice and a few student-produced response questions. Calculators are permitted, but there are restrictions to their use. The final section is the Critical Reading section, designed to test a student’s ability to quickly understand what is being read. The questions in this section are based on sentence completion as well as reading passages and answering related questions. The SAT is administered seven times a year and can b retaken if desired for a better score.

Registration for the SAT can be done either online or by mail. It is important to register several weeks in advance to ensure a seat for a preferred time and place. Also this will help to avoid late registration fees. Walk-in applications are possible but only if room allows. Once registration is complete you will receive an admissions ticket with your information and this must be presented the chosen test center along with proper and up to date ID.

As important as this test is, however, the preparation that goes before taking it can make the difference between a low or high score. There are several methods available, depending on personal interest, either online resources, study guides, classes offered, or personal tutoring. Kaplan offers online tools as well as classes for the SAT, along with other standardized tests. The software can also be of immense help since this can provide sample questions, practice tests, and even grade the test and help find weaknesses that can be corrected before taking the actual test. A complete software package or online course may even minimize the need to take the test over again.

In any case, the method you use to prepare for the test is a personal one. High scores can help immensely in getting into the college or university of your choice, which of course can lead to better employment.

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