Lucknow University offers PhD scholarship

To encourage research, Lucknow University will award PhD scholarships. Applications are being accepted. The interview is on 12 January 2022. The list of selected female students will be released later that day. They will get 5000 per month for three years. Prof. Lavi Alok Kumar Rai has launched a Research Merit Scholarship for Ph.D. students. Professor Poonam Tandon, Dean of Students Welfare, said only those students would be eligible for research merit scholarships. They are completing their PhD studies.

This scholarship attracted 144 PhD students. Students have certified that none of the 90 girls received a scholarship. But even 40 female students’ work is incomplete. So only those female students who meet the criteria will be interviewed.

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Prof. Poonam Tandon said the interview would be held on 12 January 2023. A scholarship for those who have completed the coursework. Their interview is at Dean Student Welfare Office at 11 am. They must bring a NET certificate, a mark sheet, a receipt for the final fee, and a PhD completion certificate. All will be verified. The list of selected female students will be released that evening.

The tentative last date to apply for Lucknow University PhD Scholarship is 31 August 2023.

Lucknow University offers PhD scholarship
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