Kanyashree Prakalpa Scholarship Benefits, Eligibility, How to Apply & More about Yojana 2023

Kanyashree scholarship 2023-24: Kanyashree, as the name suggests, it is the most innovative scholarship program formulated to help the “female students” in the field of study by supporting them financially. This program is initiated by the West Bengal government to provide female students with the best opportunity. The Jayashree scholarship is one of the most prestigious and innovative scholarship programs formulated by the West Bengal government. Firstly, it was only for female students till schools and colleges but after a certain amount of time in 2017, the Kanyashree scholarship program extends to all the postgraduate courses as well.

What is Kanyashree Scholarship?

Kanyashree is an initiative taken by the West Bengal government and it is launched by the Department of Women Development and social welfare (DWDS). This is one of the conditional cash transfer schemes aiming to provide the basic necessity i.e. education to all the female students with financial support for their secondary education. This scheme fulfills dual objectives one being education and another is discouraging the families of the girl child to marry them before 18 age. As it is launched by the West Bengal government it is implemented in every district of the state so that no girl should feel that they are not getting ample education opportunities.

Aim of Kanyashree Scholarship 2023

The objective or end goal of the Kanyashree scholarship is to provide basic financial help to all the female students in the field of study I.e secondary education or even in vocational courses or training to prevent their early marriages. This scholarship is an annual program and the amount is given to the females of age 13 to 18 for their education.

Kanyashree’s core objectives are simple and Focussed: It aims to ensure that girls stay in school and delay their marriages till at least age 18. Kanyashree’s approach is also simple: it uses a social safety net mechanism that has shown a high degree of success in transforming the lives of children and adolescents in several countries in the world: Conditional Cash Transfers. The scheme has two cash transfer components:

  • The first is an Annual Scholarship of Rs. 750/- to be paid annually to the girls in the age group 13 to 18 years (studying in Class VIII equivalent or above for every year that they remained in education, provided they are unmarried at the time. 
  • The second is a One-Time Grant of Rs. 25,000/-, to be paid after a girl turns 18, provided that she was engaged in the academic or occupational pursuit and was unmarried.

The term ‘education’ encompasses secondary and higher secondary education, as well as the various vocational, technical, and sports courses available for this age group.

Kanyashree Scholarship Last Date

All the female students who want to apply for the Kanyashree scholarship, remember all the important dates of the scholarship. For example, the application date, last date of applying. They must remember the important point that everyone should fill up the application form before the last date.

  • Application form starting – October 2023
  • Application form closing date- December 2023
  • Renewal of application- November 2023

Note- These dates are tentative for better understanding keep having a look at the official website @https://wbkanyashree.gov.in/.

What are the benefits of the Kanyashree scholarship program?

Department of women’s development and social welfare is known for its scholarships and the main objective of the West Bengal government was to launch a program that can help the female students in their state. The Kanyashree scholarship is one such program that aims at eradicating early marriages of female children and providing them with basic education by supporting them financially. some of the main reasons for starting this program was:

  • Helping female students to study a longer period
  • Prevention of the early marriages of the girl child
  • Spreading awareness among the people of the importance of education
  • Provide financial help to all the female students who want to pursue a career ahead.
  • Reduction in the dropouts which are quite popular in West Bengal.

What are the target areas?

  • They are planning to give 3.5 lakhs grant each year through Kanyashree scholarship
  • Girls will regularly attend the vocational training and development classes.
  • Approximately 18 lakh girls will get the annual scholarship whose family income is less than 1,20,000 INR per year.
  • Girls under the age of 13 to 18 will be given preference in Kanyashree scholarship.

Types of schemes under Kanyashree Scholarship

Department of women’s development and social welfare is providing 3 different schemes under the Kanyashree scholarship. Let’s have a quick look at that.

  • Annual scholarship (K1): As the name suggests it is the annual scholarship that will be given to the female students which will help in preventing their early marriages and also helping them financially to support their higher education.
  • One time grant (K2): As the name suggests, it will be a one-time grant that will be given to female students under the scholarship program.
  • Kanyashree scholarship (K3): This scholarship is given to selected female students of both arts and science backgrounds.

What is the Kanyashree Scholarship Eligibility Criteria?

As three schemes are running under the Kanyashree scholarship, each scheme is different from the other and so are the eligibility criteria. Let’s discuss each one of them.

Annual scholarship (K1)

  • Female students should be the domicile of West Bengal
  • Should be unmarried at any cost
  • The family income of the family should be less than 1,20,000.
  • They should lie under the age of 13 to 17
  • Girls must be enrolled in 8th and 12th standard
  • The family income of the students can vary depending on two factors I.e if parents are deceased of handicapped then the situation and rules will differ

Remember – Girls should not turn 18 before applying for the scholarship. As soon as they will turn 18 they will get ineligible for the Kanyashree scholarship.

One time grant (K2)

  • All the students applying for this must be a domicile of West Bengal I.e female students
  • A girl child should be unmarried and the age should be below than 18
  • Female student family income should be less or equal to 1,20,000 INR per year.
  • The applicant should be attending regular classes from the recognised institution for applying to Kanyashree scholarship

Kanyashree scholarship(K3)

  • The students who have registered themselves for the k2 scheme are eligible for k3 scheme, not vice versa
  • Here is the plus point that there is no maximum age limit for applying
  • The minimum for graduation should be 50% for applying.
  • All the students have to take a postgraduate course in any university.

What are the rewards given by the scholarship program?

There are ample opportunities that are given to female students, the Kanyashree scholarship is a door open for opportunities. Here are some of the rewards.

  • Annual scholarship (K1)- INR 750 per year
  • One time grant (K2)- INR 25,000
  • Kanyashree Scholarship (K3)- science stream female students – INR 25,000 and arts stream students – INR 20,000

Kanyashree Scholarship Procedure

How to apply to the Kanyashree scholarship program?

To apply for the Kanyashree scholarship the first thing all the eligible students have to do is to open a bank account in their name where the scholarship amount will be transferred. And after that, they have to start with the application process. Here we are providing you with all the important and necessary steps.

For K1 and K2 Schemes

  • Collect the application from your respective institutions
  • The application form will ask you all the personal details such as name, address and educational institutional details.
  • After filling and proofreading sign the application and also get signed with your parents
  • Attest all the documents that are needed dnas submit to the educational institution
  • The head of the department will look and verify the application.
  • After submission and approval, you will get an acknowledgement slip that will be useful in the future process


Step 1

  • You have to go to the official website of the Kanyashree scholarship by clicking on the following link. http://www.svmcm.wbhed.gov.in/
  • After opening, little scroll down the page and you will see a registration button, click on that and click on proceed to registration
  • Two options will appear, the first application for fresh applications or renewal.
  • And then at the end click on close button

Step 2

  • The second step comprises a filling of all the details that are asked for.
  • Click on the application on the fresh application and fill in the details.
  • You will be asked personal details, course of study password.
  • And at the end click on the register tab

Step 3

  • In step 3 you have to login through the portal
  • After you’re done with the registration, log in yourself with the applicant id and password
  • Enter the ID and password and submit

Step 4

  • After you have successfully logged in, you will see a dashboard
  • Click on the edit profile and you will see an option of us uploading a profile picture. Do that
  • Fill the application with all the necessary information
  • Upload your scanned picture and signature and click on submit.

Step 5

  • Add bank details
  • Upload all the necessary documents
  • After uploading the documents click on the finalizes application and you’re done with the application.

Note: once you have applied you no longer can edit it. So always be careful.

Important Documents

Eligible students who want to get the scholarship I.e the Kanyashree scholarship should have all the necessary documents that are needed.

Some of the important documents for the Kanyashree scholarship are:

For K1 and K2

  • Birth Certificate for age proof
  • Certificate of the declaration of being unmarried
  • Bank account proof
  • Income certificate
  • Educational certificate

For K3

  • Madhyamik Admit Card
  • Aadhaar/ration/Voter Card
  • Marksheet of Last Exam ( both Side)
  • Admit Card of the last exam
  • The first page of Bank Pass Book
  • Income certificate
  • Graduation certificate

These were the following things that are needed for Kanyashree scholarship.

Key points of Kanyashree scholarship.

Below are the main points that every student before applying to the scholarship program should know. The name of the scholarship program is Kanyashree scholarship Kanya means girl, thereby the scholarship aims at providing basic education to the female students and preventing their early marriages.

Who launched the scholarship program?

The government of West Bengal launched the program. Which will be implemented in every district of the state.

Which department launched the scholarship?

Department of women development and social welfare of west Bengal launched the scholarship.

In which state did it launch and for whom?

It is launched in West Bengal and the scholarship program is launched for young female domiciles who belong to not so good financial background.

Which type of scholarship is the Kanyashree scholarship?

It is a state government scheme and the method of application is online. Note: official website-http://www.wbkanyashree.gov.in/.

Kanyashree Prakalpa Scholarship Benefits, Eligibility, How to Apply & More about Yojana 2023
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