Integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal at

Government of Odisha. OCAC has been asked to complete the development, testing and trial run of the Common Scholarship Portal before its launch. The official portal will work at Aadhaar certified e-KYC process will be traced to ensure authentic disbursement of scholarship amount to the students.

The Government of Odisha launched the integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal at on 28th October 2020. This scholarship is Odisha Govt. The portal is for the automation, streamlined, and effective management of scholarship schemes. About 21 scholarship schemes of 6 significant departments were brought on one platform. All eligible students can log in through Odisha State Scholarship Portal. More than 11 lakh beneficiaries of Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes, Other Backward Classes and Educationally Backward Classes will be benefitted from this service.

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Scholarship Approved / Know Your Status

Here are the direct links to check the sanctioned scholarships and know the scholarship status:-

Scholarship Accepted –

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Integrated Odisha State Scholarship Portal at
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