Huisman was Awarded AAUW Scholarship

Huisman was awarded AAUW Scholarship. Jamie Huisman is a married women and

has three sons. She graduated in the year

2003 and is a students of non-traditional art education. The American Association

University Women’s Hot Springs awarded this scholarship to Huisman. AAUW

always looks forward to helping local women like Huisman by providing

them scholarships.

Huisman will be attending her classes remotely, though she was planning to attend the

classes in the Henderson and be there by the upcoming fall. She says that she is very

happy for receiving the scholarship and she will be soon joining her classes.

She said that she was happy on receiving the scholarship and now she will able to

complete her education in art education. Further she said that was inspired from her

NPC Instructor, whom she could relate to and who also completed her education

fighting all the obstacles in her path. Now she feels motivated and she thinks that she

will be able to concentrate on her education, moreover her beautiful memories of

learning art joyfully in her school encourages her to complete her education.

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