Full Form Of IMDb

The Internet Movie Database or IMDb expresses or signifies – to varying degrees – one of the most powerful and enormous collections of movie information. No matter what you call it or how you use it, you’ll find just about every possible detail on thousands of movies. It is structured in a way to give you the nitty gritty on who was in the movie, who produced it, where the movie was filmed, trivia about the show, and even the top places to catch honest reviews.

While other movie databases solely emphasize film summaries and cast information, the Internet Movie database has taken it one step further. IMDb offers an upgraded, expanded version that caters to film industry professionals. Although using the Internet Movie Database is free, you can access additional features with a paid subscription to IMDb Pro. Here’s your chance to promote yourself with nearly 100 photos, a head shot, and your resume. Envision instant and immediate access to a whopping 12,000 films and television projects from development to post-production.

The Internet Movie Database also known as IMDb is a database online that provides detailed information on films, television shows, production crew personnel, actors, video games and other fictional characters that are featured in visual entertainment media. Originally launched in 1990, the site was purchased by Amazon.com in 1998. In the beginning IMDb started out as two independent projects by those participating in the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.movies.

One project was responsible for maintaining recorded items that were emailed by newsgroup readers. They posted updated versions of the list at varying times. The other project was called the Movie Ratings Report which asked readers to rate movies on a scale from one to ten. The two lists were combined in 1990. The Internet Movie Database expanded and added a subscription service known as IMDbPro that is geared toward entertainment professionals. You’ll get film production and box office details plus a company directory.

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