Google Scholarships 2023 for the Students

Big news for all the scholarship seekers, Google is now presenting the 100,000 google scholarships. In the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak which is spreading like a wildfire in every corner of the world. The effects of this outbreak will further proliferate in the near future too, hampering the economic growth of the entire world, also d the educational system of the world. Unemployment is seen at the current notch because of the current outbreak, due to all these reasons Google has come up with the 100,000 pack scholarships.

100000 Google Scholarships

After listening to the above heart-throbbing news, you must be wondering how to apply for the same. Here are some of the questions that you want to ask us about this:

  • How to get a Google scholarship?
  • What are all the primary requirements and necessary things you should need to know?
  • What impact COVID-19 has leftover on the educational system of the country?

Don’t worry about the above questions, we will provide you with all the necessary things that one should know.

The founder of Microsoft and the American business Magnate Bill Gates, Has announced the 10,000 google scholarships and with the bonus of 300 Bill gates Scholarship programs, United States of America. Some of the benefits of Bill gates scholarships programs are:

  • You don’t need to worry about the expenses such as travelling cost, and also other expenses.
  • These scholarships are online certifications that will be equivalent to 4- years degree 
  • Equal preference will be given to these certifications,
  • Both international and American students can apply for this.
  • These online credentials courses will be taught by renowned google professors.
  • No need for having prior experience, or degree for applying for the Google scholarships
  • Google said: All these online certifications will be completed in a span of 3 to 6 months depending upon the vicinity of the course
  • Each course will be followed by some assignments and tasks to screen the students.
  • All these online certifications will be offered via online platforms. 
  • Every student, irrespective of their domicile they can apply for the google scholarships.

After reading all the perks of having a Google scholarship, the basic question that arises is “How to get Google scholarship?

Google talked about How one can benefit from all these 10,000 google scholarships, It will now become easy for students living in The United States or outside to fulfill the dream of studying in the United States. For all the scholarships or the scholarship list, you can see the list of scholarships available for international students in the USA.

Things Google employees said about Google providing 10,000 Scholarships to the students:

Google has made this clear, the online certifications course will be equivalent to a 4-years degree, and will be no less than that. Companies can consider online certification as a means of hiring employees in the relative field. These 10,000 certifications courses will be created by Google and the teaching will be via an online platform. Google employees will be teaching the certification courses to the students.

It is not the first time that Google is providing online certifications courses, In 2021 they also launched an online certification course for students who were interested in IT. Nearly, 56% of them didn’t have a college degree. Google always comes up with things (scholarships) that are beneficial for the students as well as for society.

Seeing the current scenario, many Universities have already announced the scholarships while some of the scholarships are still trudging between what to do and what not. Each university is keeping up the pace and doesn’t want the studies to get a hamper.

Due to the current scenario, many universities have decided to go to an online mode. From teaching to taking exams, Everything is being done via an online platform. It is seen that most of the universities have already provided the students with more than 2500 scholarships.

Not just universities, companies have started the internship program via an online platform. These internship programs are commonly known as “Virtual Internships”. The companies are not only giving the students the opportunity to enhance their skills, but also an internship certificate to boost their professional path also.

Are Google Scholarships Worth it?.

Google has decided, that they are offering courses considering the three points:

  • Courses which have high growth opportunities
  • Courses which have high- demand in the market
  • Courses Which have high paying careers in the near future.

Note: Google not only provides scholarships but the founder of Microsoft also provides ample opportunities to the students for an internship program at Microsoft

You must be wondering about what subjects Google scholarships are in?

Google declared that it will give nearly 10,000 scholarships to the students for the betterment of their future and teaching will be done by Google employees itself, three main areas where Google are giving scholarships are:

  • The first subject or key area is Data Analytics
  • The second Subject is Project Management
  • The third, last but not least, the User Experience(UX) design

Here is the bouncer for you all:

These 10,000 Google Scholarships are not just giving you a mere certificate but it will be treated as a counterpart to a 4-years degree

Let’s just have a glimpse about the key areas that Google has decided to give 10,000 scholarships in.

Data Analytics:

The certification in Data Analytics provides the students with the curriculum of “Tools for navigating the data lifecycle, and platforms that will provide a guide on how to process, analyze, equip the data of any enterprise”. 

Google said that Data Analytics is one such subject where a minimum of $65,000 can be earned in a year. It is one of the highest-paying job profiles around the globe. The job of data analytics is one of the core job roles in the organization, analyzing data, making and giving the data-driven theories as well as the recommendations to carry out the important business decisions of the enterprise.

Project Management:

The certifications in Project Management provide the students with the curriculum of”Giving the insights into the foundation of project management, and also giving in-depth knowledge of project management, giving insights on agile project management as well.”

Google Said: Project management is one such subject where a minimum of $94,000 can be earned in a year. Being a project manager, one has to see all the oversee the projects, formulate plans, meeting the end-to-end requirement of the team as well as the project.

User Experience(UX) Design:

The certifications in User Experience(UX) design provide the students with the curriculum of “Giving the basic elements of UX design and research, the foundation of the same, design the fidelity of wireframes, also creating many prototypes.

Google said: User Experience is one such subject where a minimum of $74,000 can be earned in a year. Being a User Experience designer the main work is the satisfaction of the end-users, giving them to create a simpler and more accessible and good experience to the users.

Key points to be Remembered:
  • These online certifications will be completed in a span of 3-6 months
  • Teaching will be done through google employee only.
  • Everything will be done via an online platform
  • There is no prior experience needed to have a Google certification course, also no mandatory college degree needed, filling the gap between international students and American Students.
Google Scholarships 2023 for the Students
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