Full Form Of VAT

VAT means Value added tax (also known as input tax or turnover tax), an indirect tax levied at every economic level from manufacturer to retailer, is ultimately borne by the end consumer. As a result, domestic companies as well as companies located in many other countries are entitled to refunds or compensation.

Unfortunately, the legal provisions relating to VAT refunds are highly complex and vary from country to country. Without extensive knowledge of the law and required practical experience of each foreign country, it is almost impossible for companies to obtain a refund.

As a result, a large number of international companies do not claim VAT refunds from foreign authorities; Others are not easily aware that they are entitled to do so.

In theory, companies can claim a refund of VAT for, for example, business travel expenses, operating costs, service fees, trade fairs and conference-related expenses, as well as general business supplies. In addition, subtle handling of cases can help optimize the burden of VAT in other areas.

Although the region may cover substantial sums, the VAT rate in Europe is higher than 25% (VAT table), particularly as the cost reduction potential often remains unaffected.

Depending on the type of enterprise, the annual savings can be between a few thousand euros as “small”, for example in relation to a trade fair presence, and in the case of multinationals several million euros.

We have been providing VAT refund-related services since 1996, ensuring that our customers, who are located in more than 50 countries worldwide, are taking full advantage of this cost savings capability.

We handle the entire administrative process, from identifying the refundable VAT to applying for a refund and, ultimately, the transfer of incoming payments. Since our fees are based on a percentage of the refunded VAT amount and we do not charge any additional consulting fees, our clients do not bear any financial risk.

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