Full Form Of SAS

SAS or Statistical Analysis Software is a widely used computer software to solve problems that are business-related. Businesses employ this software to help them manage their enterprises effectively. The software can be driven either by menu or by command. It also has its own programming language to command the software. It was created in the ‘70s and as computer technology started to develop starting 1980, graphics were added to the software to make it easier for businesses to use the software and understand the commands. Here is a list of free SAS that can be downloaded.


This software is compatible with almost all operating systems available. It can be used not only for statistical analysis but for non-linear modeling and scientific visualization as well. Some of the documents used in this Statistical Analysis Software are in PDF format, so the computer must have a PDF reader to be able to open the documents in this format.


This Statistical Analysis Software provides the users with graphs that are of high quality and easy to comprehend. The best thing about this software is that it comes in modules, so the user has the choice to only download the modules that will be used.

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis

This software is used directly over the Internet. There is no more need to download, which means it can used on any operating system. Procedures are listed on the home page and the user only has to click the applicable one and fill out a form and the analysis will take place immediately. Results are in after a few minutes.

Free Statistical Analysis Software is best to be used by businesses that are just commencing and cannot afford to purchase an SAS. Although advanced SAS are far better than the free ones, they pretty much do the basic: help businesses with managing problems. These free SAS are compatible with Mac, Windows and UNIX operating systems.

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