Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

IVR is an automated telephone system that collects or provides information and routes calls to a pre-selected final destination. Different selection menus make it possible for the customer to go directly to the right department and/or contact person. In addition, IVR can be used to route to postcode. If the IVR menu is built up correctly, this increases the customer-friendliness of your organization. ComsysConnect is happy to advise you.

Your benefits:

  • The telephone availability of your organization is increasing (also outside office hours)
  • Streamline your telephone traffic easily and efficiently
  • Saving costs of call centers
  • Measurable: insight into the number of callers via real-time web statistics
  • Increase interaction with your target audience.

Your options

  • Transferring callers to the correct information, service or department
  • Caller forwarding based on postcode or area code to various final destinations
  • Reception of callers in a queue
  • Receiving voice messages from callers via voicemail
  • Time window, for example in the evening or on the weekend
  • Insightful who will call you.
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