Full form of CS

Full form of CS means company secretary. 

Why an Aspiring Company Secretary Needs It

In any business, whether it is a multi-million dollar corporation or a micro-enterprise, the roles and responsibilities that each employee takes will ultimately determine the success of the organization. This encompasses all levels, from the lowliest assistant all the way until the top executive.

There is, however, one key position that holds many of the managerial responsibilities and is an indispensable player in any business. This is the company secretary. Individuals that are employed in this position need to have a strong background, preferable one that has completed a company secretary course because the person in this role is considered to be a chief governance specialist within an organization. Further, members of the board of a company have grown increasingly reliant on them for advice and implementation of good governance practices within the company.

Although not too many are aware, a company secretary does not have the same secretarial duties that we may think all secretaries need to do. Their job takes on a more proactive role and is bound to heavier duties than most of us realize. In general, a company secretary’s role has elements of compliance, performance, and legal duties.

Firstly, the secretary is responsible for ensuring that the company’s framework and policies comply with local and national regulations and legislation for businesses. Some of the specific duties involved with this are guaranteeing that the company’s accounting records are prepared on time and properly maintained, making sure that the format of these records are in accordance to company law and accounting standards and that any documentation required by law is updated and submitted on time.

This job is certainly not an easy one, however, in terms of compensation and career development, many attest that it is extremely rewarding. This may just be the position that you would be perfect for. To qualify, just ensure that you have the appropriate academic background, training under a company secretary, proper practical know-how, and the confidence to bring it all together in order to be successful.

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