Full-Form of COM

What does a COM actually represent?

COM MEANS COMMERCIAL is one of the most original and widely used gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) on the Internet. It is one of the first top-level domain names officially introduces in the Internet space in 1985. It is being managed by ICANN’s registrar system and the main domain registry is VeriSign. The abbreviation for COM comes from commercial and that words explain best what the initial intention for the domain name was. The .COM domain name grows in popularity remarkably fast. And is one of the most preferred gTLDs. Only in 2008, the number of registered.COM domains was about 77 million. Because of the vast interest of the domains, it is quite possible that you won’t be able to find free for registration.COM domain name. If that happens and the desired domain name is not available for registration you can use some of the other gTLDs such as .net, .org, .biz, .com, .name, .mobi or try some of the most popular ccTLDs such as .co.nz, .ws, .ca, .tv, .tw, .eu, .jp and others.

Cheap and quality hosting for COM Domain Names

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