CIA MEAN Central Intelligence Agency: – The Central Intelligence Agency was formed in 1947 by President Truman with the signing of the National Security Act. The National Security Act charged the Central Intelligence Director (DCI) with the coordination of the country’s intelligence activities and the correlative assessment, dissemination and dissemination of intelligence affecting national security.

George j. Tetrett was confirmed on 10 July 1997 and is the current director of Central Intelligence (DCI). DCI serves as the head of the United States intelligence community, the President’s principal advisor to national security-related intelligence matters, and the head of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

  • The CIA is an independent agency, responsible to the President through the DCI, and accountable to the American people through the Intelligence Monitoring Committees of the US Congress.
  • The mission of the CIA is to support the President, the National Security Council, and all officials who formulate and implement US national security policy:
  • To provide accurate, comprehensive, and timely foreign intelligence on national security topics.
  • Conduct counter inspiring activities, special activities, and other functions related to foreign intelligence and national security, as directed by the President.

To fulfill its mission, the CIA engages in research, development, and deployment of high-leverage technology for intelligence purposes. As a separate agency, the CIA serves as an independent source of analysis on topics of concern and works closely with other organizations in the intelligence community to ensure that intelligence consumers — whether Washington policymakers Or battlefield commander — obtains the best possible intelligence.

  • The changing global realities have redeveloped the national security agenda, with the CIA meeting these new challenges:
  • Create specialized, multi-disciplinary centers for such high-priority issues such as nonproliferation, counter-protest, counter-protest, international organized crime and drug trafficking, the environment, and arms control intelligence.
  • Forming a strong partnership between multiple intelligence collection disciplines and all-source analysis.
  • Actively participating in intelligence community analytical efforts and producing an all-source analysis on a full range of topics affecting national security.
  • Contribute to the effectiveness of the overall intelligence community by managing services of common concern in imagery analysis and open-source archiving and participating in partnerships with other intelligence agencies in the areas of research and development and technical archiving.


What are some of the benefits provided by the CIA to employees?

The Central Intelligence Agency provides several benefits. Most are competitive with private industry. Contains:

  • paid time off
  • Federal health and life insurance
  • Retirement
  • Education and training
  • health services
  • Child Care Center
  • credit Union
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