Find Out How Can Help You in Book Writing? is not only for content writers and students – but book authors can also benefit from this intelligent writing assistant. is a valuable tool for writers, especially content writers, bloggers, and students. It is an online tool that rewrites the original or already existing information into something new that suits your writing needs. It replaces words or restructures sentences without losing the original meaning. 

But how does it help in writing books? In this post, we will introduce you to some advanced features of the tool that are useful in writing books. 

We have tried and tested this tool to make sure it works, so you can use it with confidence. 

So without further ado, let’s jump into the big picture. How does help you write books? 

How does help you with book writing? 

  • Improves Creativity 

Sometimes authors write something but do not feel confident in their work. They know that the same ideas could be presented with a different, unique, and creative twist. 

The creative mode of can enhance creativity in writing. It rewrites the written sentences in a more interesting and convincing way. 

The essence of your original text is preserved by using other unique words and phrases. Your brain will get a great workout from this vocabulary challenge.

  • Brush Up the Text Flow and Tone 

Writing a good book is always about making the story flow better and keeping the tone reader-friendly. 

The most practical technique in writing a book is to simply start writing the ideas that come to mind without agonizing over a paragraph or two. 

This is called the first rough draft of your book, which now needs some brush-up to make it sound professional. 

This is where comes in. 

Its Text Improver feature helps book authors develop and refine the text flow and tone. Remember to use this efficient mode when you are done writing for the day, so you do not find it daunting when you finish writing the book. 

This feature of works on the fluidity of the sentences by avoiding repetitive words. It makes only a few changes to the original text but helps the authors to attract the readers’ attention with a more fluent story.

  • Rechecks Your Book Without Any Judgement

As you approach the end of the book, nothing stings worse than editing and checking your own work. Because it is almost impossible to find errors in your work. 

It is better to have a professional proofreader to read and correct your book. 

But most writers feel embarrassed about their mistakes and do not want to have their work read by someone else. Besides, it can cost them a lot of money and time because it is impractical to go through the entire book in a single sitting. 

This is where offers its services as a trusted advisor to help you proofread your entire book in just one session. Its grammar checker tool helps authors identify grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes they have made.

  • Generates a Good Summary of the Story 

A good summary provides the reader with a concise overview of important details or interesting information in the book without introducing personal opinions. 

At the end of a book, it is a time-consuming task for authors to distill the source material to extract the most important points. 

This is where book authors can take advantage of The tool creates a complete overview of the story and states the main points you want to convey to the reader. 

All you need to do is copy-paste the text to any paraphrasing mode and click Overview to start creating a brief summary of the entered text. 

Or, you can also use its summary generator tool, which wisely selects the limited sentences to convey the central concept of the story. For writers, this feature is helpful to take notes that help them organize their thoughts.

  • Step Ahead with the Attention-Grabbing Titles

If you dream of writing a best-selling book, it is important that you choose effective and attention-grabbing titles and subtitles. Book authors face the worst self-doubt and a number of other obstacles when choosing a book’s title and subtitles. 

Well, they can use to create energetic, attractive, and unique titles for their story. This smart paraphrasing tool is also useful to see whether the chosen titles fit their story or not. 

Just paste the text into the tool’s input field (you can use any mode), and the tool will generate the titles for you.


In conclusion, we can say that is indeed a great help for book authors to overcome the most common obstacles they face. With this tool, the book authors learn to write in a more creative style that is more fluent and has a better tone. This free rewriting tool also serves as an excellent proofreader and editor to check errors before publishing a book.

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