DAMS Scholarship Test 2024, Eligibility & Apply, Result, Ranking

DAMS Scholarship 2024-25: DAMS Scholarship test is also known as the Delhi Academy of Medical Science Scholarship Test, This Scholarships test execute for medical students by the DAMS teams. All the candidates get the opportunity to focus on higher education and illuminate their names across the Indian Center. The last date to apply is 11th Dec 2024. Through this DAMS Scholarship, 2024 candidates get multiple benefits under scholarship under scholarships, they are being given many other conveniences besides DAMS Scholarship Test 2024 so that they can complete their higher education.

Name of Examination 

DAMS Scholarship Test

Examination Date 

Aug 2024

Registration Closing Date

11 Dec 2024

Registration Fees

Rs. 200

DAMS Scholarship Test Benefits 

For Top Ten students 

The top ten students will be given free courses from the classroom course, apart from this, the online test series postal will also be given in All Over India.

For 11-20 students

50% discount on all courses including classroom courses, online test series & postal courses (across India)

For 21-50 students

25% discount on all courses including classroom courses, online test series & postal courses (across India)

For 50-100 students

10% discount on all courses including classroom courses, online test series & postal courses (across India)

Eligibility Criteria DAMS Scholarship Test 2024

  • A student must be a resident of India.
  • Attendance is mandatory for you to be 75%.
  • To get the scholarship, your regular time table should be school and college and university institute.
  • To get the scholarships, you must have regular status University Institute Colleges.
  • For scholarship, you will be considered to pass with a good score.
  • Students must have science on the 12th.
  • This scholarship will not be given to more than 1 member in Family.

Examination pattern  DAMS Scholarship Test 2024

The exam will be divided into three parts.

Category 1

Anatomy, Biochemistry, and Physiology (100 Q) (Eligible only for the pre-foundation course)

Category 2

ABP plus pathology, pharmacology, microbiology, and forensic (100 ) (Eligible only for foundation course)

Category 3

All Subjects (100 Qs) (Eligible for Regular and Test and discussion courses)

Conditions For DAMS Scholarship

  1. Scholarship shall be awarded to the students who have secured not less than 70% marks in the test conducted by DAMS for granting the scholarship.
  2. Scholarship shall not be given to more than one student in a family.
  3. If a student violates any other term and condition of the scholarship, the scholarship may be suspended or cancelled.
  4. If a student is found to have obtained a scholarship by false statement/certificates, his/her scholarship shall be cancelled forthwith and the amount of the scholarship paid.
  5. The scheme shall be evaluated at regular intervals by the DAMS.
  6. The regulations can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Board of DAMS.

DAMS Scholarship Test Result All India Ranking


Dr. DIVYANSH GOYAL (Category-A, Rank-2)

Dr.RAHUL AMITABH (Category-A, Rank-4)

Dr. AISHWARYA PANT (Category-A, Rank-7)

Dr. SIDDARTH SARAF (Category-A, Rank-10)

Dr. VISHAKHA NARSHNEY (Category-B, Rank-31)

Dr. NAMAN GUPTA (Category-B, Rank-47)

Dr. MUKESH SIDANA (Category-B, Rank-66)

Contact Us

  • Landline No : 011 – 40094009
  • Email : info@damsdelhi.com
  • Website : www.damsdelhi.com

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

More than one student will be given to DAMS Scholarship Test 2023 in one family?

No. DAMS Scholarship Test 2023 can only be awarded to 1 student in a family.

How much percentage of candidates is required to get the DAMS Scholarship Test 2023?

Candidates require at least a 70% percentage of the scholarship to receive.

How to apply for a DAMS Scholarship Test 2023?

Candidates who are interested in this scholarship will have to visit the official website, on the home page of the official website, you will get admission related to all the important details. All students have to submit their user ID and password before submitting their application form.

Can I save my application and come back later?

Yes! You may save your General Application or individual scholarship applications. Scholarship opportunities that have been saved will show as Drafted.

After submitting a general application, I am motivated to complete an additional application. Do I have to answer these additional questions?

Scholarships administered by colleges and departments on campus may require additional information. Depending on your major and/or other educational information, additional applications may be submitted upon submission of the general application. You should complete any additional applications submitted to ensure that you have all available scholarship opportunities to be considered.

DAMS Scholarship Test 2024, Eligibility & Apply, Result, Ranking
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