Canara Bank, Balance Inquiry Phone Number

Canara Bank is considered one of the highest public sector banks in India. The oldest bank is in the country and also its headquarter in Bangalore. Canara Bank was first established in India in 1961 in Kerala. The bank was nationalized in 1969 by the government. Canara Bank has around 4467 centers and 10400 branches and more than 10,000 ATMs along with it. Some of the offices of this bank have foreign inspectors such as Hong Kong, Shanghai. New York, London, Dubai, Moscow.

Service for customers

In fact, while opening your account in the bank, you will receive virtuous service, keeping in mind every comfort of the customer, provide them and they recognize the best service for you. It has been known through almost every record that whoever has opened their account in this bank, they are given good service every month, they confirm each detail closely if the customer has any problem, then they call you immediately. Negotiate and secure it.

There is no need to spend time to create an account with Canara Bank, nor do you need to wander from here to there. You can open it through your internet and also use the app at home.

Balance inquiry with phone number

You can use this number anywhere in the Indian sector, it is valid everywhere. phone number is- 09015483483. Those human being minotaur accounts are in the bank can call the number given above and get every information already linked to their account. Instantly you call the number will be disconnected after connecting, immediately you will get a briefly SMS from Canara Bank, which will have complete information about your account details if you have an account in Canara bank. 

Transaction statement details

If you want the last 5 transactions in English, then you have to dial this number. 09015734734. And if you want the last 5 transactions in Hindi, you have to dial this number. 09015613613.

Required Activate Phone Number

You will get all the information and inquiries of the bank in your registered phone number which you have entered at the time of creating the account. All the details of the number you are seeing above will be received on your registrar phone number only. When you call the dialing number given above, you need to keep in mind that you call from the same number from where you have registered your account with Canara Bank.

If your phone number is not linked to your bank account, you cannot get information about it, you can go to any branch of Canara Bank near you, verify your number with the account and Only after that you can get an ATM card. 

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