BCC Full Form

BCC stands for blind carbon copy. First of all, we clear the CC i.e. carbon copy that is used during the process of mailing. If we forward the mail with the help of CC, we see to whom this mail is forwarded. If you want to send the same message to many mail IDs, but they do not know about each other that you have sent this message to them too. At this time we use BCC if we keep all the mail id in BCC and send the same message, at one time the message will be sent but they will not even know to whom this message is sent. 

There are primarily three ways to send an email to several recipients in one go

  • TO
  • CC
  • BCC

anyone you add to the CC of a message receives a copy of that message to send it.

What is BCC?

A tool that allows you to easily create a survey.

By sending the created questionnaire by BCCmail (blind carbon copy: sending the same email to a third party without notifying the recipient), the same effect as paper-based market research can be obtained. In addition, total work can be done automatically.

It is also used as a tool for each marketing strategy such as business research, trend-oriented, marketing research, sales support, sales strategy, promotion, management strategy, brand research, product development, hit products, area marketing, SFA (Sales Force Automation), and benchmarks. Is possible.

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